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Nowadays we can see a dog as a pet in every house. For some people, it becomes a fashion symbol but the most important thing about the dog which is generally ignored by them is the cleaning of a dog’s ear. Only a few people know that the hearing sense of dogs is better than humans and all dog owners need to know the maintenance of dog’s ear. Sometimes while playing dogs can injure their ears and if we don’t take care of their ears they get infected also. With a proper maintenance, you can avoid ear infections.

The process of dog ear cleaning:

When you are going to clean dog’s ear the first thing that you should do is make them calm. Try your all efforts in getting the dog relaxed and calm because whenever your dog is not calm you are not able to clean. Once the dog is relaxed you can easily massage his ears within the comfort zone. Generally, people think it is tough work and they prefer some cleaning solution at that stage and use that directly in his ears. In my opinion, you should ignore directly use of cleaning solution in dog’s ears because it can harm them. If you are using cleaning solution then you should take soft cotton and sock it in that solution or warm water. After that start cleaning around the ear and when you have done with the external part you can able to see the internal part of the ear. While this process always doesn’t go near the ear canal. If you see some wax peeking out of the ear canal that time just take a q-tip and clean that like external part. Clean all the wax properly which you can see and don’t touch the ear canal because it can harm them. You can also clean the dog’s ear by white vinegar, vitamin E oil and cod liver oil.

Thus you can easily clean your dog’s ear and just make sure that no liquid remains while the cleaning process. This is the great practice advice which is effective and you can also apply it easily. You should do such process at least once in a week. If you maintain his ears properly he will not get irritate and you can also save your dog from the different infections like the middle, out and inner ear infection.


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Dog is the most popular and widely raised pets in most of the homes and commercial places for both the safety purpose and the best companion. Those who live alone is always willing to raise a puppy at their home to be the best partner, companion, relation, friend, well wisher and anything. Whenever you would want to keep your dog healthy and active at all, it is highly necessary to pick the best type of dog’s foods from among the various choices. Some of the puppies and even grown dogs have the sensitive stomach. In order to avoid the unnecessary health problems and avoid troubles in digestion, it is always essential to pick the best choice of dog food from the market.

Choosing dog food

Picking a right dog food:

Before choosing the specific food for your dog, it is highly necessary to do the detailed research into the error ad also trail.

  • First, you have to consider which types of foods are good for your dog’s health and which are all not suitable for its sensitive stomach. Once you know all about that, it is better looking at the ingredients of the specific dog foods and avoid the foods which contain the ingredients not suitable for your dog.
  • At the same time, don’t make the sudden change in the diet of your dog because it will give more troubles in digestion. Initially, you have to change only one meal of your dog with the new food and also give the regular foods. It will become slowly suitable to the body of your dog and then you can give the new type of food in the regular manner.
  • Now days, there are more numbers of the commercial dog food brands available in the market. Some of them are adding the chemical ingredients that are all too harsh to the stomach of your dog. When your dog has the sensitive stomach, then it will be definitely gives more health problems sometimes even death. In order to avoid such issues, it is always better avoiding such the foods which contain the chemical ingredients.
  • It is always advised to give only the natural foods to your dogs such as sweet potato, chicken rice and oatmeal which are all really the best types of foods to everyone.

Significant things to consider:

While picking the particular food to your dog, first of all everyone should be very careful in the ingredients. The dog food ingredients should be healthy with no chemical additives, coloring and preservatives. For this purpose, every dog owner is advisable to read the labels in order to know its nutritional information. Once you have satisfied with the ingredients and their nutritional facts, it is always better choosing the specific one for your needs.
It is highly essential to ensure the dog food brands which have the vital nutrients like all vitamins, minerals and also fiber content. At the same time, the dog foods with the whole proteins will also be the best choice to meet the daily nutritional needs of the dogs. Similarly, the owner of the pets should also be very careful in checking the expiry date of the dog food.


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Having the puppy in your home is really funny which gives more and more entertainment and relaxation from your hectic work schedules. Of course, the dogs and puppies are the excellent pet to grow in your home, because it can give you a large number of features. This is the main reason, why most of the people like to grow up the doggies and puppies in their homes. As the way, if you are someone who is the new owner of the dog, then you should know some basic things about the dogs.

Dog and owner

It is not a matter to buy the puppy for the first time in your home, but it is highly important to take care of your puppy’s health condition to make her long live. Let’s see some essential tips you have to know before and after buying the puppy.

How to choose the best puppy?

If you have decided to buy the puppy for the first time, you have to consider some essential things and they are listed as follows.

  • There are varieties of breeds of the dogs is available and therefore, you have to choose the best puppy based on your family members.

  • In case, if you are having kids in your home, it is better to choose the calm dogs to take care of your baby.

  • As well as, it is very important to choose the best puppy provider for buying the reliable and healthy puppy.

These are the essential things you have to know before you buy the best breeds of the dogs for your home.

Tips to care for your dog after buying

After you have bought your own puppy, you have to take care of it to make it happy. As the way, you can follow the below mentioned tips.

  • Let your puppy sleep in your bedroom for at least the first few nights.
  • Use the baby gates to keep your puppy out of the places without any problems.
  • Supervise your puppy all the time, especially at the time of its food intake. Provide the normal amount of food items.
  • It is better to set a room for your puppy, when you cannot supervise.
  • Teach your puppy to obey your sayings in the kindly manner without using the harsh approach.
  • Whenever you have free time, play with your puppy to make it happy and enthusiast.
  • Groom your puppy often to give him a comfortable feel.


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Many individuals love raising dogs as their pet animal because it has been the best companion to them. They care for the dog like a child and give all the comfort and necessary things to it. One of the main problems faced by all the pet owners is the dog hair on the mattress, furniture, floor, and all. According to the season, health condition, and cleaning cosmetics you use on the dogs, the dog’s hair will fall off when it rounds your home. The dog’s hair is somewhat risky to your health and it should be frequently removed from the mattress in order to maintain healthy environment inside your house.

Dogs like to sleep on mattresses

Dog’s hair on mattress:

Most of the pet owners allow their dogs to sleep on their bed. Thus, it will leave more hair on the mattress and bed cover. Removing the pet hair from your bedding is essential to cleanly maintain your sleeping area. The dog’s hair sticks to your bedding and it is slightly tricky to remove. The following steps are very helpful to easily and quickly remove the dog hair from your mattress within a few minutes.

Items you need:

For the cleaning process of dog’s hair from the mattress, you need

  • Lint free rag
  • Vacuum
  • Rubber gloves

Steps to remove dog hair from the mattress:

The following are the necessary steps to remove your pet’s hair from the mattress and cleanly maintain your sleeping area.

Step 1:

First of all, you have to remove pillows and all the accessories from your bed for the effective cleaning process. If your mattress actually has a detachable cover, remove and wash it by following the direction given on the catalog or on the tag.

Step 2:

On your mattress, first you need to make use of the vacuum cleaner in order to vacuum up the pet hair as more as possible from it. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner machine at home, you can just use the simple cleaning brush to effectively remove the hairs. But the vacuum cleaner machine would be the best choice for completely removing dog’s hair. If you are allergic to the pet hair, it is essential to use the vacuum cleaner along with the built-in HEPA filter attachment.

Step 3:

In this step, you have to wet the lint free washing cloth or the rag. After that, run it on the flat surface of your home mattress. It is better wiping in only a single direction. This cleaning wet cloth will catch the most and all of the dog’s hair. If there is any remaining hair on the mattress, it could be collected by your hands. You need to often rinse the wet cloth and repeat the process until completely removing the pet hair.

Step 4:

Next, you should wear the pair of rubber gloves on your hands along with the cracks and folds of your mattress to effectually clean up the trapped dog hair. The rubber material of the gloves will roll the pet’s hair into the clumps in order to easily remove them.

Step 5:

For a whole day, you must leave a mattress uncovered to let it completely dry on the entire surface. At the might you can arrange this bedding for the normal sleep and you will really feel real goodness of cleanliness now.

Dog's hair on mattresses

There are some of the tips that all the house owners should need to follow in order to cleanly maintain your mattress by removing the dog’s hair. They include,

  • If you have a normal mattress, the drying process will take only a whole day time. But the futon mattress will take much time to dry. So, it is better using some of the effective drying methods to quickly dry your futon mattress after the cleaning process.
  • For the quick removal of dog’s hair from the small areas of the mattress, it is highly necessary to keep the lint roller near your bedding.
  • If you're using foldable mattresses, fold up and store them in a cabinet or closet.
  • When the pet owners wish to get rid of the dog’s hair during a process of deodorizing the mattress, you have to run the bedding fabric softener sheet along with this fabric in order to help removing the strands.


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Like humans, the dogs must be handled with a special care to ensure that they are healthy. Grooming your dogs on a regular basis will help you to keep your beloved dogs very healthy as well as in a very good physical condition. There are lots of Grooming Tips for Dogs available, so you should know everything in the best possible manner. When it comes to grooming your puppy, first of all you need to have all the basic essential requirements and also know about the ways for dog grooming.

Effective ideas to take care and grooming your puppy

The dog owners or dog lovers will definitely agree that the grooming for dogs is very important. If you want your dog to look and smell good, here are some useful grooming tips available such as,

Bathing your dog

Dog grooming
  • It is one of the most important grooming tips. You need to give a bath to your puppy in order to keep them free from dirt and always be cleaned.
  • You can bath your dogs using pet soaps available in the market. You can also use a clean towel to wipe them.
  • The main thing is to give them a bath in an open area or outside of your home to make your pets feel comfortable.

Brushing your dog

  • It is also equally important for pets. There are various types of brushes available and used for different types of skin.
  • You should remember that do not brush their hair while they are wet. Brushing can regain the shine for your dogs.
Cute puppy grooming

Trimming nails

  • When you trim the nails for your dog, you ensure that do not hurt him and cause injury, because the skin around nails is very sensitive for dogs.
  • You must take utmost care while trimming nails for your dogs.

Things you need to know while grooming dogs

Once you decide to clean your dogs, first of all you should know the various Grooming Tips for Dogs and then simple to start grooming your dog at home. Below are the essential things to consider while grooming that includes:
  • A good solid bath can will give your dog pleasant smell and cause him feel softer.
  • Be sure to use the right shampoo that is specially made for pets.
  • Use tub or sink to wash your small dogs. For larger dogs, you can use bath tub.
  • Try to use a good brush based on your dog’s hair type.


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