Best Ways To Clean Dog Ears

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Nowadays we can see a dog as a pet in every house. For some people, it becomes a fashion symbol but the most important thing about the dog which is generally ignored by them is the cleaning of a dog’s ear. Only a few people know that the hearing sense of dogs is better than humans and all dog owners need to know the maintenance of dog’s ear. Sometimes while playing dogs can injure their ears and if we don’t take care of their ears they get infected also. With a proper maintenance, you can avoid ear infections.

The process of dog ear cleaning:

When you are going to clean dog’s ear the first thing that you should do is make them calm. Try your all efforts in getting the dog relaxed and calm because whenever your dog is not calm you are not able to clean. Once the dog is relaxed you can easily massage his ears within the comfort zone. Generally, people think it is tough work and they prefer some cleaning solution at that stage and use that directly in his ears. In my opinion, you should ignore directly use of cleaning solution in dog’s ears because it can harm them. If you are using cleaning solution then you should take soft cotton and sock it in that solution or warm water. After that start cleaning around the ear and when you have done with the external part you can able to see the internal part of the ear. While this process always doesn’t go near the ear canal. If you see some wax peeking out of the ear canal that time just take a q-tip and clean that like external part. Clean all the wax properly which you can see and don’t touch the ear canal because it can harm them. You can also clean the dog’s ear by white vinegar, vitamin E oil and cod liver oil.

Thus you can easily clean your dog’s ear and just make sure that no liquid remains while the cleaning process. This is the great practice advice which is effective and you can also apply it easily. You should do such process at least once in a week. If you maintain his ears properly he will not get irritate and you can also save your dog from the different infections like the middle, out and inner ear infection.



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